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Know Reflex Points on Your Body from Toes to Head

Reflex focuses

Reflex focuses guarantee simple recognition of ailments along these lines their fix. Pressure point massage or reflexology finds out the ordinary or irregular working of various inward organ of the body by squeezing certain reflex focuses in hands, feet and distinctive parts of the body. In this way, squeezing these focuses numerous afflictions can be restored with no medications and with no symptoms.

Know Reflex Points on Your Body from Toes to Head

How reflex point functions

On giving weight on the reflex indicates that one comes think about the typical or unusual working of an organ through the touch of torment. It is in this way evident that any spot in the reflex zone speaking to a specific organ which harms too extremely on giving weight is the best possible reflex point for that organ. By and large, there is just a single real reflex point for each organ however there can be more than one reflex focuses as per the span of the organ and nature of issue.

Reflex focuses and territories on human body

For various organs and body parts, the reflex focuses or the pressure point massage focuses are unique. For few of the body parts and organs, reflex focuses are being given beneath. By knowing these focuses, one can without much of a stretch fix numerous maladies and disarranges.

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